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Digitalisation: The Future of Health

The focus for this year lies on «Digitalisation: The Future of Health». Our theme encompasses various dimensions of digitalisation and how it can help the health sector, including but not limited to the healthcare industry, workplace safety, mental wellbeing, community health and opportunities for personal and professional growth. The integration of digital technologies also augments healthcare quality, accessibility, and efficiency through digital technology integration.

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Digitalisation is the process of converting information, tasks, processes and services into a digital format. It has a substantial impact on all aspects of life and almost all industries are affected by it. Driven by innovation, connectivity and computing power, digital advancements have changed rapidly over the last decades. The connection of people, businesses and devices aoround the world through digital transformation has led to the rise of a global digital economy which is why we want to dive deeper into this topic. 


The health of the global population has experienced substantial setbacks due to the pandemic and a lot of new challenges, like delivery bottlenecks, arose which needed to be addressed quickly. However, the healthcare sector has been revolutionised by the integration of technology. The accessibility to electronic health records, telemedicine, and automated treatment has streamlined patient care as well as increased the accuracy of diagnoses and treatment plans. Furthermore, the implementation of automation and three-dimensional printing of new devices for patient care greatly contributed to a fast adaption to these new circumstances.

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