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The Earth’s population is rapidly increasing which means the number of consumers joining the global economy is growing. Simultaneously, millions of people live in poverty. These factors add complications to the protection and management of natural resources, eventually causing further disruptions to economic and social development. To meet these challenges, the approach to sustainable consumption and production patterns is crucial.  

Inspired by this annotation of the Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDG 12) created by the United Nations, this issue is timely and urgent for us in the current situation of unsustainable consumption and production patterns that are at the root of the triple global crisis: Climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution.  

In its first edition, Team HOLATAM will focus on the challenges and opportunities of sustainable production and consumption in Latin America, more specifically Colombia and Peru in relation to Switzerland. Colombia and Peru are both emerging economies and among Switzerland’s most important partners in Latin America. We have narrowed our concentration to two gripping sectors: agriculture and tourism. Agriculture is one of the oldest and most fundamental sectors of the world economy, while tourism is a comparatively new but rapidly growing sector. Together we can explore these two sectors and their linkages to create economic opportunities and promote sustainable development in all three countries.


We welcome you to join our mission and make this project a reality. 

Your HOLATAM Team 

Seminar in Switzerland

During the Seminar in Switzerland, which takes place from February 13 - 17 2023, we will prepare for our trip abroad. Several speakers from different companies help us to gain knowledge about Peru, Colombia, business in Latin America and sustainability.

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